Remember the good old days when updating your Snapchat Story was all you had to do to let people know what was happening in your life? Instagram copied Snapchat, Facebook copied Instagram copying Snapchat, and as a result we’re left with utter chaos in the form of THREE Stories to worry about managing.

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Before that users relied on unofficial apps to post pictures to Instagram.

Instance and 6tag were the two most popular apps to use Instagram before the official app came out.

This is a pretty painful/stressful method of figuring out if someone — like, say, your crush — is following you.

Since your followers list is long and not in alphabetical order, you may scroll right by the person you're looking for and then have to scroll through all over again just to learn that your crush is not, in fact, following you.

Instagram is where you let your creativity shine, where you become a professional photographer and own your true social media aesthetic. Your friends on Snapchat are most likely your friends IRL, so there's not as much pressure to impress them with fancy shots.

If you think you can handle it and want to make an entrance, your first Instagram Story will alert your followers you're jumping on the "Stories" bandwagon with a notification. Snapchat is also the OG Story, so if it's your primary platform you're clearly very loyal.

By Davis Fields, Product Manager, Facebook There are many people using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on Windows, so today we’re excited to rollout Windows 10 Apps for Facebook and Messenger on desktop and Instagram on mobile.

These new apps will load quickly and easily within Windows and have the most up-to-date features.

The app is currently not searchable on the Store, but we have been provided the direct link.