The genius of music found its expression through our great seers and saints.The immortal sage, Bharata, looked upon music as a noble heritage of human spirit – a form of worship and a means of salvation.To this end, authors reach back into the past so as to uncover a wealth of—possibly forgotten—wisdoms, while also projecting through recent developments, new plans, and newer models which consider what is present or to come.

Taking many forms, from roundtable dialogues to discretely penned responses, these collected replies seek to not only unite or divide actors in our home area, but to also amplify discussion between them, and with the world at large.

Debate consultant: Liesbeth Levy This section acts as the nexus for several international correspondents to question how their respective cultural fields have taken, and are taking, shape. What are the socio-political environments and histories within these fields?

Building off such a conflicted prescription, this section tasks various writers to dig deep into the means and ways that mediated visions turn scenes into situations that promote a shared consciousness.

To provoke this discourse between the use, effect, and sideeffects of images and narratives, artists, writers, and scholars here ‘peep’ at a single image so as to find hidden fames in the ubiquitous signs and symbols which surround and constitute our daily lives.

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Our website is not fully mobile compatible but our app is!He had received no training, and yet he drew crowds to hear his sweet devotional music.Equally instinctive was his dispassion for worldly life.Like symbols on a map, these posts offer our readers touchstones with which to construct their own tours both through and around the art center’s program.In addition to these texts, editorial cartoons punctuate this section so as to stoke the mind through other means.Our call for such an exchange comes at a time in which policies of economic austerity are pressuring the very resources (magazines, universities, public institutions, and so forth) that could propose alternatives to the threat of social and intellectual bottlenecking.