A gifted career Justice Department lawyer, Weissmann sent former acting attorney general Sally Yates an effusive email shortly after Yates was fired for insubordinately defying Trump on enforcement of the so-called travel ban.

The obstruction aspect of Mueller’s investigation calls for an objective evaluation of how much independence law-enforcement officials have from the chief executive.

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Mueller shouldn’t have included Strzok, Weissman, Jeannie Rhee, or Aaron Zebly on his team and it’s reasonable to suspect that partisan passions may have influenced their decisions and perspective during the investigation.

(All of those figures also should have had the good judgment to realize they were jeopardizing Mueller’s effort by signing on to help.) If Trump fires Mueller, then there will be demands that another special counsel take his place — and that counsel would be able to continue Mueller’s work without the perception of partisan bias.

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More than a few writers struggled to write around that contradiction.

Personally, I am not much alarmed that several of Mueller’s staffers have anti-Trump political views.

But as more evidence emerges, I have become increasingly disturbed about whether those views will taint perception of the Mueller investigation, particularly in the case of Andrew Weissmann, a key Mueller deputy.

But he’s so addicted to saying the first thing that pops into his head, regardless of context or who’s in front of him, that he can’t stop hurting his own administration.

An Execrable Presidential Comment Yes, the world has many unpleasant places. Things must appear fair — even more so when a special counsel, appointed precisely to avoid the appearance of bias, is concerned.

Weissmann’s lauding of Yates suggests he is not objective on this point.