Engler opens by attempting to explain away pro-Hamas demonstrations at l’Université du Québec à Montréal and anti-Semitism at Concordia University, as well as York University’s mural controversy and its student government’s divestment campaign.This is, by the way, the same Yves Engler who was dismissed from his role as vice-president of the Concordia student union for his part in the infamous 2002 riot that forced the cancellation of a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu.Perhaps Engler might have come to a different conclusion had he accurately researched the Jewish community before publishing his essay.

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In what could be a nod to his university days, Engler contends that the term anti-Semitism “is now primarily invoked to uphold Jewish/white privilege.”“Despite widespread discussion of ‘anti-Semitism,’ there is little discussion of Canadian Jewry’s actual place in Canadian society,” he continues.

“Among elite business, political and professional circles Jewish representation far surpasses their slim 1.3 per cent of the Canadian population.

Engler also notes “while Canadian Jews faced discriminatory property, university and immigration restrictions into the 1950s, even the history of structural anti-Jewish prejudice should be put into proper context.

Blacks, Japanese and other people of colour (not to mention indigenous peoples) have been subjected to far worse structural racism and abuse.” There’s more.

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The facts suggest he has seriously misjudged the state of anti-Semitism in Canada today.