Here are a few tips to help you stand out above the other people applying for UK holiday camp jobs.

The day camps are usually set up to run in the February half-term holidays, during the school Easter break and also during the long summer holidays, making them ideal places for students to find seasonal activity camp jobs.

Multi-activity day camps in the UK offer children and young people all sorts of fun things to do, from playing on bouncy castles and taking part in garden games to more structured activities like football, archery, swimming, drama and craft.

This means staff members need to be keen, enthusiastic and qualified.

The longer you work for a company, the more chances you will get to carry out further training and attain UK recognised coaching qualifications, food safety certificates and the like so that you can progress to leadership roles.

Obviously, rates of pay vary depending on your previous experience, qualifications and the type of job or career you are applying for.

Check out the latest UK kids camp jobs below or click on these summer schools and holiday camp companies to find out more about them: Embassy Summer - 11 summer schools across London and South East England for international students aged 8-18.

Some positions, such as management, require you to be a graduate or qualified to a high level in your specialist subject.

Multi-activity day camps, adventure camps and language schools all run programmes throughout the British school summer holidays and extra seasonal staff are recruited to help out with those programmes.

Camps are also run in the Easter and February half-terms.

Taking on a seasonal job in a multi-activity day camp doesn’t mean that you have to give up the whole of your summer break.

For long term careers in UK camps, recruitment is ongoing and you can look for vacancies that match your skills.