Wij zijn voor de grote variant gegaan en het staat super. Om vooraf in Haarlem te gaan kijken, was helaas geen optie, dus op goed geluk besteld..

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We do this by developing relationships, knowledge and skills, all with the aim to help our clients with the challenges they face.

The Risk Consulting practice in Financial Services is a growing part of our business. You are an ambitious and dedicated high potential who will help us deliver on the firm’s significant growth plans.

In the fast evolving world of financial services regulation and supervision in Europe, financial institutions need support and advice in how to deal with and manage regulatory change, whilst running their business and managing their risk.

The implementation of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) under the responsibility of the European Central Bank (ECB) has added another dimension to that.

Werk aan de muur heeft contact opgenomen met de kunstenares en maatwerk aan ons geleverd.

Pluspunten Nadat we al een tijdje geleden een bezoek hadden gebracht bij Werkaandemuur hebben wij twee producten besteld.

The Risk Consulting practice works with our clients in The Netherlands - and across the Eurozone in close collaboration with local Pw C colleagues - to provide high quality advice to the financial sector.

We help clients to anticipate and understand regulatory and policy change and work with them to make the necessary adjustments to their risk management processes, organization and frameworks, to adequately respond to these changes, and fulfil stakeholders’ expectations.

With your help, we aim to continue to build a team that is known in the market as the best in class risk and regulatory consulting team, interacting with the major players in the industry and playing a key role in the services we offer to our clients. As Consultant Financial Risk Management in our Risk Consulting practice you will be spending a large portion of your time in appealing (Dutch and international) financial institutions, working in multinational Pw C teams.

You will be part of teams that help our clients realize their strategy and deal with risk management challenges, new regulations and increasing supervisory requirements.

Besides the direct work for our clients, you contribute to business development and Pw C thought leadership in your field of expertise.