When Pilatus and Morvan hired an attorney to pursue the matter, Pilatus said, Farian fired them and went public with the secret.

To prove they have singing abilities of their own, the duo broke into a few a cappella bars of the title song in front of the more than 200 media and international paparazzi packed into a Hollywood recording studio.

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'We ourselves have not been happy that we were not allowed to sing on our albums.

We're relieved that the truth has now been made public.' The stylishly dressed, dreadlocked pair were unknown musicians living in Germany when producer Frank Farian found them three years ago and began marketing them as Milli Vanilli.

'We were seduced, abused and we felt very guilty but we are here because we stopped it,' Pilatus said.

'We said to Frank 'We don't want to do this anymore and if you don't let us sing we won't do it anymore.'' Their album sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and made the pair a hot act on the concert circuit.

Pilatus apologized to Milli Vanilli fans who purchased the album under false pretenses.

'We're very sorry to have made them unhappy,' he said.

The suit in Los Angeles was against Farian, Arista, Davis, the groups' manager and other music companies that allegedly participated in racketeering and other 'deceptive and unfair busines practices' in connection with the duo.

However, neither Pilatus or Morvan were named as defendants.

When it was revealed that the phenomenally successful duo were merely lip-syncing over other singers, the backlash against Pilatus and Milli Vanilli proved swift and terrible.

Their Grammy Award for best new artist was rescinded by the Recording Academy, something that had never happened in the history of the Grammys.

In the face of such overwhelming scorn, Pilatus and Morvan engaged in some creative damage control, trying to salvage their musical careers and personal reputations.