If your taste in clothing tends more towards shorts and flip flops and you are not planning on changing then you may want to consider a country like the Philippines where this will be less of an impediment to finding a quality international girlfriend or wife.Simply by walking around the old town area of Riga you will see that Latvians and the women in particular, like to dress up.

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Once you recover from the shock of how attractive the women of Latvia are the next reaction you will most likely have is how friendly they seem.

The women in Latvia are not only beautiful they are also kind, friendly and curious about western visitors to their city.

There have been a whole series of disputes mostly centering on World War II history, oddly enough.

Latvia also has the reputation of being like it neighbor Estonia to the north as being more of a Scandinavian country than a Slavic country, which apparently means that the women are more relaxed and cosmopolitan than Russian girls or Ukrainian babes.

About 30% of Latvian women are actually ethnic Russians, which has caused some political problems recently.

Latvia probably has a more tense relationship with Russia than any of the nations of the former Soviet Union.

When you approach a Latvian woman you should smile at her and look her in the eyes.

Give her a brief handshake if it is your first meeting.

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that Latvia has the highest ratio of women to men according to the Guinness book of records.