Taking time to play together will refuel your spark—and maybe even uncover a hidden talent.Surprise him by signing up for a private sunset stand-up paddelboarding (SUP) lesson.Once you find the container, you usually take what's inside (which makes for a great date-night keepsake) and leave something in its place.

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Drinking and dancing are tried-and-true date night activities, but take it up a notch by rocking out at a music festival.

Those same stress hormones are also likely to be triggered when you're chasing each other around, as with activities like laser tag.

If your guy loves a rush but you're not ready to try skydiving, think about signing up for a glider flight.

If your guy first attracted you with his humor—but you feel like it's a little lacking in your relationship lately—check out a live comedy show.

Sharing laughter (and the two-drink minimum) will definitely help you lighten up—and put you in the mood.

SUP is a cross between surfing and kayaking: You stand on a board with a paddle to navigate calm water.

It's a relaxing way to bond together in the great outdoors, and all fitness levels can try it.

Unlike paintball where you're shooting balls at your partner, laser tag is painless.

Bonus: That heart-pounding, sweaty-palm feeling you get when you're first falling in love is partly due to your body's release of adrenaline and cortisol.

These events often feature multiple performers, supply plenty of food and drinks, and boast a party atmosphere.