“George and Jorja have been an important part of executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Carol Mendelsohn. I woke up white as a sheet 3 1/2 hours after I was supposed to be on the set.” He called in to report his tardiness, he said, but was told, “Don’t bother.” Last week, Leslie Moonves, co-president and co-chief operating officer of CBS’s Viacom parent, told reporters that reps for Eads and Fox had made “veiled threats” that the two actors would not report for work as scheduled unless they received salary hikes for the coming season.There has been no comment from the Eads camp, though speaking to TV critics last week, the square-jawed, Texas-born actor, 37, said: “They think it’s about money, and it’s not. Eads: This is so much different from ‘CSI.’ It’s very subdued there. We have a scene in episode three where there are about 10 guys in a smoke-filled room that we poisoned.

This scene is set in current-day Germany using a vintage Georgia passenger train where he and Mac Gyver are trying to find an important woman before the bad guys do. They’re trying to find the girl we’re trying to save. Eads: That’s a perception but we haven’t really acknowledged it or talked about an age difference between us. I was very aware with what they’ve been doing with reboots. Eads: The music, the wardrobe, even the moves we do with the camera. I usually do much better work when the crew is happy and there’s no infighting and everyone is really good at their job.

(They didn’t have time to get clearance to use a more modern Amtrak train.) Q: So what scene are you working on now? There are eight bad guys who have rappelled onto the roof. They killed this special agent she was supposed to meet in Frankfurt so she’s on her way into a trap. Q: There’s an age different between the two of you. Q: ‘Hawaii Five-O’ has been very successful for them. ‘CSI’ was a little cutting edge at the time because it made TV look like movies. We replaced a lot of people on the crew who needed to go.

’ ‘Yah, cos you can sleep until 2 in the afternoon and be ready for nights.’ Q: You learned this from working TV so long. And it’s ‘Mac Gyver.’ All I had to do was hear the word. They wanted a hard-charging go getter who also has Mac Gyver’s back.

I said, ‘Let’s go eat dinner and don’t go to bed til midnight.’ He said, ‘Midnight? I don’t want to put a gift horse in the mouth but in the end, my talent was behind held back there. I did everything I could do with that character so it was just time to go.

George Eads fait ses premiers pas dans le métier de comédien en 1994 dans le film Dust to Dust, mais c'est surtout à la télévision qu'il consacre la suite de sa carrière.

after the network reportedly played hardball with two of its stars.

In 1994 George moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

George Eads is best known for playing the role of Nick Stokes on the hit television show CSI.

We rehearsed last night for a couple of hours and it’s usually with a pretty hefty bottle of red wine to get the juices flowing.

You get a massage and a meal, you’re so tired, you’re hitting it again.

But I was pole vaulter so diving into mats doesn’t bother me.